Sunday, July 3, 2011

Copa America Score Prediction: Brazil vs Venezuela

Copa America Score Prediction: Brazil vs Venezuela -Brazil has changed coaches and now has been filled with a fresh new face to play the pattern and bersemnagat Jogo bonito. In this Copa America Venezuela they will be tested by the fact the opponent is not really comparable with Brazil. But if predictions Brazil vs. Venezuela will provide a minimum of 2 goals to win the game this time? Although most market predictions indicate if Brazil vs. Venezuela will end up with kemangan samba team, but remember that Venezuela has also been held scoreless Robinho et al. So this will remain attractive as Colombia vs. Costa Rica match that just ended with a goal to win Colombia

Coming up with new ammunition and trident of death filled by Robinho, Pato and Neymar, Brazil is potentially mempercundangi Venezuela with a lot of goals. But seeing the results of the Argentina vs. Bolivia ended in a draw despite the championed over Messi et al then this game is still interesting, let alone actually Brazilian midfield has not been a lot of ups and downs in big games like this Copa America. Currently there are only three names of senior players such as goalkeeper Julio Cesar, defender Lucio and Luisao aged 30 and above means practically Mano Menezes polish team is filled by young players

The question is whether Brazil is able to bring two more goals or whether there are surprises like the previous games? Yes, the predictions seem to match this time Brazil will not win easily opponent farm team since Cesar Farias berdaptasi new team will advance to the pattern of the game that there is not yet coupled with a sense of selfishness that is still big in every player. So it's likely the game will only end up with a winning goal for Brazil. How about your score prediction Brazil vs Venezuela?


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